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The history of MOHAJERI CO. began long before any commercial airline was formed in Iran.

It was January 1, 1946 in Zahedan that Mohajeri brothers, Mohammad and Abolghasem, founded Mohajeri & Co.
By establishing ticket sales agency of the Indian Railway for the route from Zahedan in Iran and Quetta in Pakistan.
This was a new field of activity which did not exist in Iran before.
In 1944, Iranian Airline company (Iran Air) was officially registered by some intellectual businessman, so Iran literally possessed and airline.
In 1946, Iran Air, by purchasing eight DC3 aircraft which were remained from World war II, started its operation on domestic routes and the same time Mohajeri & Co. was appointed as a sales agent for Zahedan.
This was the time that Mohajeri & Co. Became active in Travel Agency field.
During the years of World War II while Iran was under foreign occupation, Russia Aeroflot Airlines was operating daily services to Mashad, Tabriz, and twice weekly flights to Baku and Moscow.
In 1947, Iran Air appointed Mohajeri & Co. as General Sales Agent (GSA) in Abadan, and later that year we terminated our activities in Zahedan.
In 1947, Mohajeri & Co., Chartered two DC3 flights of Iran Air from Zahedan to Delhi and it was the basis to operate Iran India route.
In 1948, Norwegian Airline Braatheen’s S.A.F.E. was operating twice weekly flights from Norway (Stavanger) to Hong Kong via Hamburg, Geneva, Rome, Athens, Cairo, Abadan, Kerachi, Calcutta, Bangkok, v.v. by DC4aircraft, in which Mohajeri was appointed as GSA for Khuzistan province.
Previously, the airline were operating via Basra airport.
During the same year Mohajeri & Co. chartered a flight for 21 Abadanis pilgrims to Mecca from Iran Air.
This was also the basic that all next year’s Iranian pilgrims were sent by air.
Braathen’s S.A.F.E seized its operation in 1953 and Scandinavians Airlines systems (SAS) took this route, in which Mohajeri was appointed GSA for Iran’s oil province (khouzistan) and later for the whole Iran and Afghanistan.
In 1953, by our initiation, the Persian Air Service was founded.
In 1954, Kuwait Airways started its operation and first flight to Abadan and appointed Mohajeri as GSA for Iran and later for Afghanistan.

Mr. Mohammad Mohajeri & Mr. Abolghasem Mohajeri

Mohajeri & Co. opened its Tehran office in 1954, and gradually established its office in oil province of Khuzestan including Masjid Sulaiman, Ahvaz, Aghagari, Gachsaran, Kharg Island and Mahshar.
In 1956, Saudi Arabian Airlines started its flight to Abadan, and appointed Mohajeri as GSA.
In 1958, we established the incoming tour department in our Tehran office which resulted in attracting up 30,000 tourists, in 1978.
In 1958, Swiss Air started its operation to Abadan, and appointed Mohajeri as GSA for Khuzestan province.
Mehrabad Airport Services (MAS) was established in Mehrabad airport, based on our suggestions, and this was generalized for the whole airport of the country when an article passed by Majlis (congress) in 1967.
During the years 1962 to 1968 all airport handling services of foreign airlines in Abadan were handled by Mohajeri & Co.
In 1963, we established the outgoing tour department in Tehran and for the first year could organize a group of seven passenger to London only.
Consequently, in our 1977 / 1978 fiscal year we operated 603 groups of tours to all over the world exceeding 17,876 passengers.
During this year, we handle incoming groups of tours for 29,688 passengers, as well.
Our Shiraz and Mashad offices were inaugurated in 1966 and 1969 respectively.
During this year’s, 1968 to 1977 we opened our office in Los Angeles, Kabul, Copenhagen, Hamburg. London, Rome, New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong respectively.
Today, Mohajeri operates in its Abadan, Ahvaz, Mashad, Shiraz and Tehran offices.
During years 1975 to 1978, we suggested to Iran syndicate of Travel agencies as well as airline operation in Iran, to device the computer reservation System ( Multiple Access System), organize a travel agents Guarantee Funds, and Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) which were accepted with pleasure at time, but due to situation on those days, the suggestions filled for future utilization.

Mohajeri is the first and leading Travel Agent and Tour Operator in Iran having more than half a century experience.

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