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16 Nights / 17 Days SHRINE Tour to IRAN ( 16 )

Day 1

Arrival in Tehran:

Meet at the airport, transfer to hotel, and overnight.

Day 2


Full day sightseeing of Tehran:
Archeological Museum, dating to 10,000 years, Glassware and Ceramics Museum of ancient and Islamic collections , Carpet Museum, and overnight.

Day 3

Tehran - Mashad

Full day sightseeing of Tehran:
Golestan palace, Great Bazaar, and Central Bank treasures (if opens ) Abbassi Museum , Sadabad palace ( former shah residence).
Transfer to Train Station for departure to Mashad by Night Deluxe Sleeping Train (Green Line).
Arrival to Mashad, transfer to hotel, and overnight.

Day 4


A.M. Excursion to Tus to visit the Tomb of the epic Poet Ferdowsi and the village of Torghabeh.
P.M. City sightseeing and visit the Shrines of his Holiness Imam Reza, and overnight

Day 5

Full day Excursion to Neishabour, the city of immaculate turquoise, also embrace the tomb of three great men- Omar Khayam, Sheik Attar, and Kamal-ol-Molk.
The tomb of Imam Zadeh Mohrouque and a hill known as Alp Aesalan are among the spots in Neishabour worth visiting.
Return to Mashad, and overnight.

Day 6


Transfer to airport for departure to Kerman by afternoon flight, and overnight.

Day 7

Kerman-Bam-Kerman (195x2 kms.)
Full day excursion to Bam:
Arg-e-Bam, the oldest sign of civilization found in the Bidroun hills located 10 kms to the west of the city. Archaeological survey indicates that Bidroun hills date back to 4 millennium BC.
Arg-e-Bam is a gem of Iranian historical sites and is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Ashkanian era. It is the largest adobe building in the world, like a glorious fort. .

On the way back to Kerman visiting Mahan and the tomb of Shah Nur-eddin Nematollah Vali, poet, sage, Sufi and founder of an order of dervishes.
Bagh-e-Shazdeh , which was the summer residence of Qajar princes and now restored and converted into a sumptuous restaurant.

Day 8

Kerman Yazd ( 361 kms )

A.M. Tour of Ganj Ali Khan complex, which includes a school, bath, carvansary, market, water reservoir and square.
Ganj Ali Khan bath was in use until half a century back. An exquisite blunt of art and architecture.
P.M. Drive to Yazd and overnight.

Day 9


Full day sightseeing of typical desert city of Yazd:
Amir Chakhmaq Mosque (Built in 14 century AD), Joma Mosque, (built on a site of a Sassanian fire temple), Bazaar, Atashkadeh the most important Zoroatrian fire temple. Yazd with its villages is the most important gathering center for Zoroastrians who are living in this area from ancient times. There is a sacred place called Pir-e-Sabz-e-Check-Check at 72 Km of this city where some Zoroastrian from different part of the world gather for religious ceremonies every summer.
Overnight at Yazd.

Day 10

Yazd Shiraz ( 425 kms )
Departure by coach to Shiraz, en-route visiting the ruins of Passargad, the first capital of Iranian tribes and the Achaemenian Empire, overnight at Shiraz

Day 11


Full day City sightseeing Shiraz:
The Citadel of Karim Khan Zand, Vakil mosque, the Eram Garden (famous for its cypress trees ), the Tomb of Hafez ( Hafez spent most of his life in the native town), the Tomb of Saadi ( Saadi unlike Hafez traveled extensively and upon his return to Shiraz he wrote his most famous
Boustan - The orchard - and the Golestan - The Rose Garden, overnight at Shiraz.

Day 12

Shiraz Isfahan (485 kms )

Departure to Isfahan, en-route visiting Persepolis (the capital of the great Persian empire, Persepolis is the greatest monument indicating the glory and magnificent of the ancient Persia, Naghsh-e-Rostam (the Tomb is entirely built of Megalithic Stone), and 4 reliefs of Naghsh-e-Rajab, overnight at Isfahan.

Day 13


Full day sightseeing of Isfahan:
Imam Square ( Maidan-e-Nagsh-e-Jahan ) this square is 80,000 sq meters and twice as large as Moscow's Red square, Ali Qapu (a magnificent palace), Hasht Behesht palace ,Imam Mosque, Sheikh lutfullah mosque, Bazaar, Qaisarieh, and overnight .

Day 14


Full day sightseeing of Isfahan:
Julfa ( Armenian quarter ) and Vank Cathedral , Shaking Minarets, Zoroastarian Ateshkadeh (fire temple), Si-o-se-pol , Khaju Bridge , Jame mosque , this is one of the oldest mosque still standing in Iran, Chehel Sutun Palace, and overnight.

Day 15

Isfahan Natanz Abyaneh Kashan ( 246kms )

Departing by coach to Kashan, en-route visiting small city of Natanz and its famous Jome Mosque also ancient village of Abyaneh, then proceeding to Kashan and overnight.

Day 16

Kashan Qom Tehran (246 kms)
Morning sightseeing of Kashan:
Fin Gardens and Broujerdi House, Agha-Bozorg mosque.
Continue to Qom, second holiest city in Iran with its Shrine of Fatimah Masoumah sister of Imam Reza, en-route to Tehran with a visit to the golden shrine of Imam Khomeini, overnight at Tehran.

Day 17


Transfer to airport for final departure.

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